by Officer Problem

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These tracks have been recorded and remastered by David, Richard, and myself. Officer Problem as been playing since 2011 all over Southern California and hope to tour up the coast to Seattle and Europe in the future.


released May 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Officer Problem La Puente, California

Officer Problem's influence tap into 80's L.A. hardcore, U.K. Punk, and Nardcore. Since 2011, O.P has played all over southern California, Costa Meza, Paris, Lake Elsinore. If you would like us to play in your area send us a message on our facebook.

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Track Name: Trust No One
You make me really really sick
The thought of you makes me wanna vomit
I trusted you so many times
you always put me down

Trust no one
Trust no one
Trust no one
But yourself
No more lies no more deception
Take these knives out of my back

When I look into your eyes
I come to realize
Things are not the same
I will always feel the pain
Track Name: No More School
Every morning I wake up sick
I'm off to school with a bunch of pricks
Days are ruined 5 days a week
Teachers feed my head with a bunch of shit

No more school
I'm not a fool
No more school
Better get your ass in gear and go

I hate my life and I hate my school
Teachers are lame and oh so cruel
I hate the choir and I hate the glee
Summer time's near and soon I'll be free
Track Name: Cluster Bombs
Cluster bombs a hell from above
Pounding death falling from the sky
People blown to bits this isn't a dream
There's an airship prepare for your doom

Cluster bombs the end is nigh
Mass civilian slaughter
A death of the innocence
A massacre of many

Cluster bombs
Cluster bombs
Cluster bombs
Massacre of innocence

Nightmare I'm the air The U.S. don't care
Do anything we can to get our troops home safe
The U.N. held a meeting to put a ban
Our embasador didn't even show up

Track Name: Ghost Boner
Im such a ghost I'm such a loner
I have no blog but why I got boner
I'm such a ghost I'm such a loner
I have no blood but why I got boner

I appear ia fog of wispy shapes
I don't need to hide behind the drapes
She's a real treat to my dirty eyes
But I'm invisible to her eyes

There a ghost in your house
What's that white stain on your blouse
She don't even know I'm there
But now I got some in your hair

Oh I'm such a ghost I'm such a loner
I have no blood but why I got boner
I'm such a ghost I'm such a loner
I have no blood but why I got boner

He has no soul

Every night a different house
A different girl and a different thrill
Alone in your Room as my voice cuts through the gloom
It's time to release so get that mop and broom